What Makes Antique Jewelry Worth The Price

Antique jewelry has never lost its charm among true lovers of this unique craft. It is easy to appreciate old items, whether or not you like pieces with a classic touch. Compared to many other types of antiques, jewelry pieces often last longer. They also require much less them.

While there are many talented jewelry designers today, older pieces exist in a class by themselves. In fact, many modern designers will admit that they have been inspired by these pieces. Sometimes modern designers are commissioned to recreate classic pieces for special purposes.

Antique Jewelry as Heirlooms

Many pieces of antique jewelry have been in families for generations. For the individuals who own them, they represent something memorable and sentimental. They are also used to signify certain milestones.

Sometimes upon word of a recent or planned engagement, a cherished antique engagement ring is given as a gift. Women are known to pass on treasured pieces such as brooches to their daughters when they come of age. It is not unusual for fathers to also pass on watches to their sons when they reach manhood.

The significance of these pieces can never be overstated. They can help to strengthen family bonds as most individuals look forward to receiving these heirlooms. These family heirlooms often have interesting stories attached that are recounted over the years.

Buying Antique Jewelry

Making any type of purchase of antiques can be challenging for the inexperienced. This is even more significant since vintage pieces are generally more expensive. Based on this it is important for the inexperienced to get some guidance during the selection process.

This may be some initial research, but this should not take the place of a professional appraisal. It would also be helpful if the seller provides a certificate of authenticity. Granted this too can be a challenge as it is not easy to tell if this is genuine.

With some reading you will have some idea of what to look for on a certificate of authenticity. This will help if you cannot afford to have your own appraiser. Knowing something about types of metals and stones can also be an indicator of the item's age and value.

Caring For Antique Jewelry

Buying these items is only the beginning, as they will need to be kept looking their best. This calls for proper storage as some material such as silver can be dented or scratched.

It should be remembered that especially intricate pieces are fragile. Owners should ensure that any storage container is big enough to avoid this, and the containers should be lined.

They can be broken when banged against objects and stones can become dislodged. It is important to do what is necessary to care for them so that they retain their luster over the years.

Pearls for example are said to benefit from being worn constantly. It has been said that oils from the skin help to keep them shiny. With that said, some types are best worn only occasionally.

They will need to be cleaned occasionally, even if they are rarely worn. While some owners might be tempted to try doing this them elves this is not always advisable. It is best to get them professionally cleaned whenever possible.

Part of the appeal of antique jewelry is the hands-on approach that was paid to design and craftsmanship. The designers and craftsmen of the past did not have the kind of tools that are widely available today. Many owners and buyers place these pieces in the same league as artworks by the world's masters.

Enthusiasts are always on the lookout for beautiful items to add to their collections. It is no wonder that many dealers carry antique jewelry to satisfy their more discerning customers. Buyers quickly learn that these older pieces, when properly cared for, have great resale value.


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